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This USOSweb service is only for employees and students of the Faculty of Economic Sciences


Dear Students, we would like to inform you that you are obliged to make payments for the Faculty of Economic Sciences to an individual bank account - available next to each payment in menu: COMMON SECTION -> PAYMENTS (MODEL FK) -> UNCLEARED DEBTS - corresponding to the currency of the fee (even if you make your payment in a currency other than the currency of the fee), i.e. you pay your fees in PLN to the account in PLN even if you make a transfer in EUR or another currency; you pay your fees in EUR to the account in EUR, even if you make a transfer in PLN, CHF, CNY, INR etc. Payments to an account held in a currency other than the currency of the tuition or other fees must be cleared manually, which causes delays and inconvenience.



Dear Students, regarding student scholarship and dormitory applications for the year 2021/22 you should use Central USOSweb system: Please notice that for all other issues in the future (including registration for courses at WNE) you should use USOSweb WNE:



We kindly inform you that from February 20th 2018 new default settings concerning data visibility in the USOSweb system will be implemented. We would like to remind you that the privacy settings in the USOSweb system can be changed individually according to your preferences. Settings change can be made in the My USOSweb/Preferences after logging into the USOSweb system.


New Clearence Slips (Karty Obiegowe)

From 14.06.2016 r. students do not have to submit the hard copy (in paper) of Clearance Slips (Karta Obiegowa). They are now available in USOSweb in "Common Section". When they are active you can answer slip questions.


The rules of changes in the registration for the courses offered by the Faculty of Economic Sciences

1) Exchange is the essential way of changing your assignment to groups.

2) After the Exchange is closed changes in the registration, i.e. enrolment in groups or group changes can be made on student's request, by the end of the first week of the new didactic cycle only by Students' Office.

  • The request for registration change has to be made on paper (submitted in person in  the Students' Office, send via e-mail or put in the mailing box next to room K1).
  • The changes can be made only as far as there are free places. We cannot guarantee that all the requests will be positively considered.  The Students' Office informs students about the negative result of their requests.

3) In particular situations student can submit an additional application for making the change in their registration to Vice-Dean, submitted via the Students' Office. It will be taken into account provided that:

  • the application is submitted not later than within the first 14 didactic days of  the current semester;
  • it is the second student's application, after the first request was rejected by  the Students' Office due to the lack of free places;
  • the application must concern specific, individual situations that make impossible student's  attendance to the classes, e.g. groups collision, regular medical treatments etc. These situations should be documented.

4) Students who do not fulfil the above mentioned conditions as well as  students who attend classes without registration and without the Vice-Dean's approval will not be enrolled  in the groups.

5) Withdrawal from the groups, to which students registered by themselves is not planned.

All information and announcements regarding deadlines and registration rules are available on the Faculty of Economic Sciences website in: For Students-> Registration for classes tabs (

Reporting problems with USOSWeb

All technical support requests submitted via e-mail to should mandatorily include sender's personal details: name and surname, year of study, student number. Requests which don't include these details will not be handled.

Students who lose their passwords may turn to the Students' Office where new passwords will be issued. New passwords are instantly active.

Online registration to PE, language classes and to general university electives (OGUN)

Online registration to PE and language classes and to general university elective courses (called OGUN), as well as information on registration principles and schedules, is available on UW Central Token Registration System website:

Before you register to any of the above courses please check your USOSWeb account to find out how many tokens have been allotted to you for that purpose. Quantity of tokens for any of these course types is determined by programme curriculum. When in doubt over token quantities please turn to the Students' Office.


Students payments / liabilities in USOSWeb

All student payments and liabilities at the Faculty are managed via the USOS system and the USOSWeb portal. Each student may see the list of payments due and covered on the USOSWeb (menu tab: Student's Section > Payments). Transfer details, especially student-specific, personalized bank account number, may also be found there. For more information, see Faculty website, section For Students > Fees and charges:

Ready-to-use money order forms can be printed in the USOSWeb if you wish to remit payments in cash at a post-office or bank. Should you have any questions about your balance, please contact the Financial Division about your money inflow and account balance and Students' Office about liabilities to be entered or corrected in the system (course and year retake fees, reinstatement fees, diploma charge, etc.).

Fees should be covered in chronological order in which they are displayed in the portal. This will ensure seamless clearing of your transfers. The system counts late-payment interest when liability remains unsettled past the due date. Liabilities are usually cleared within two or three working days from the date of bank transfer.

All students, who pay tuition fees, are obligated before the academic year start (until Sep., 30th) to choose desired payment schedules. This can be done in menu tab: Student's Section > Payments.

Please note: as for now due to technical reason all EUR payments in the system are converted to PLN, also your personalized bank account number is run for payments in PLN (all payments done in EUR are converted to PLN). Soon we plan to introduce full settlement in EUR currency (for Students who are obligated to pay in this currency).