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Project Financing and Management

General data

Course ID: 2400-ZEWW713 Erasmus code / ISCED: 14.3 / (0311) Economics
Course title: Project Financing and Management Name in Polish: Project Financing and Management
Department: Faculty of Economic Sciences
Course groups: English-language course offering of the Faculty of Economics
ECTS credit allocation (and other scores): (not available)
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Language: English
Type of course:

optional courses

Short description:

Concepts related to Project Management, Financing of Big Projects, IRR, etc., will be covered in details. Students will also learn about different techniques used in Project Management like PERT, CPM, GERT, Q-GERT, and how they are used for different complicated project schedules encountered in practice. Ideas related to how different schemes of financing may be modeled for a variety of projects will also be discussed in details

Full description:

Inroduction to Project Finance, Generation and Screening of Project Ideas, Project Appraisal and Evaluation, Project Finance as a Risk Management Techniques, Financial Projections, Investment Criteria, Cost Benefit Analysis, Project Finance, Financing Infrastructure Projects, Sources of Finance, Project Characterisics, Multilateral Project Financing, Consortium Financing, Venture Capital, Risk Analysis, Project Life Cycle, Valuing Projects, Cash Flow Problems, Project Leasing, Credit Risk in Project Finance, Techniques for Project Management (PERT, CPM, GERT, Q-GERT).


Text Book

1) Morris, P. W. G., and Pinto, J. K., The Wiley Guide to Managing Projects, 2004, JohnWiley & Sons, ISBN: 9780471233022.

2) Gatti, S., (2008), Project Finance in Theory and Practice, Academic Press, ISBN: 978-0-12-373699-4.

Other References

1) Moder, J. J., Philips, C., R. and Davis, E. W., (1983), Project Management with CPM, PERT, and Precedence Diagramming, Van Nostrand Reinhold, ISBN: 0442254156.

2) Pritsker, A., and Alan. B., (1983), Management Decision Making, Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, ISBN: 0135481643.

3) Wiest, J. D. and Levy, F. K., (1970), A Management Guide to PERT/CPM with GERT/PDM/DCPM and Other Networks, Prentice Hall of India, ISBN: 978-81-203-0132-0.

4) Lewis, R., Project Management, McGraw-Hill, 2006, ISBN 0-07-147160-X.

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6) Chandra, P., (2009), Projects: Planning, Analysis, Financing, Implementation, and Review by Prasanna Chandra, Tata McGraw Hill Publication, ISBN: 978-0070680081.

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge: At the end of this course the student will be able to understand any project from view of how financing is done, He/She will be able to model the main steps of project management design, and also understand how the concepts of Finance, considering the time value of money can be applied to any Project. The student will also learn about different risk mitigating technques and how they may be used in big projects which are for longer duration, where uncertainty is very important.

Abilities: The student can utilize the knowledge gained in the course to formulate and analyze different practical as well as theoretical problems encountered in projects. They can also understand how different financing schemes may be utilized for projects. Apart from that the student can identify risk and techniques for allocation of the same, understand how to structure financing requirements for a project, analyze contractual arrangements and finally deal into issues of project default and remedies for the same.

KW01, KW02, KW03, KU01, KU02, KU03, KK01, KK02, KK03

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:

• Class Test/Quizzes (25%)

• Take Home Assignment (50%)

• Written examinations (25%)

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